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Guru goddess of Ganja
17 January 2014 @ 06:29 pm


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Guru goddess of Ganja
26 June 2011 @ 05:20 am
I never realized how different the type of lifestyle I desire to live is. I'm not better, nor special than you. Something else is just what I'm interested in, and most of that is 75% different than everyone. It's probably how we all feel, but we label it differently. Sometimes those differences cause misunderstanding on many. The most you can do is try things out, and see where you fit. How many people actually focus on that type of change in themselves is small, and those who care do make it very important once they find what they've been looking for. When you're searching, the longer it takes, the more overwhelming it can become. The lifestyle I demand daily is intense, and full of very complex understanding of what I'm interested, how I feel, and what to say towards me while I'm being me. I don't need to show you all of me if you're not interested. I won't force it on you to deal with it, because I don't enjoy anything being forced on me. I do however, ask for understanding and look for common thought process. How many times have I said '' are we on the same page?? '' How many times will I ever have to say it to a lover. I find it frustrating, and boring. I can't handle when someone doesn't get me, because I feel like it takes skill to like me. I might be very loving, but if you think that, I don't think you know all of it. With that said... My self esteem is low. How does this happen? From birth, childhood and teens. I was put in the situation of having no structure what so ever. I felt no push, drive or motivation to keep going. I felt barely pushed, and basically figured to it on my own. I don't know why the neglect happened, but it did. We all have something, and my something was neglect. The void inside me wants to be infilled by the opposite of neglect. It's going somewhere if you care....Collapse )
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Guru goddess of Ganja
12 September 2010 @ 06:24 pm
This is where i credit all those wonderful people,and their fine work on making me blinkies. Thank you all! :]

(I currently can't make any updates to my credits list til i have a better internet connection. I am sorry to all blinkie makers,but in due time i will update my list with the new blinkies made for me. I do hope you understand. 9-22-09)

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Guru goddess of Ganja
28 July 2010 @ 07:42 pm

Are you fucking serious? I cannot believe these people are the type of humans who are allowed to vote, to live, to breed. I'm not trying to be mean, but this is harsh. The poor girl who will have to deal with her own family disowning her, even her young siblings. They, who know nothing of this world are being brain washed into doing and saying as their parents. These people are taking the bible to literal, and because of that, it is causing some serious issues even within their own flesh and blood. When did it become so okay to out cast your own blood, more so your own child, due to them just questioning what they're doing. It bothers me so much that so early in life, these children are being brainwashed to hate. They believe so hard into this book that was written so long ago, been changed and alter to allow people use it with the masses for power. I just can't believe this is what people think is okay to live, and even more so, this is going to keep happening. I just can't stomach this type of ignorance, and the type of damage it does this world.
I was told earlier that 5 republican Alabama candidates out of 8 or a bit( the number doesn't matter), regardless they do not believe in evolution. The fact that even one person does not believes evolution bothers me. Let alone people who are in power to be able to vote, and make laws. We need to stop having to deal with other people's delusion, that makes them believe we have a set system of how to live. I think people need to move forward, and look at what is in front of them. There are no ghost, no after life, no nothing. People need to lose this grip on God, and a religion based on a totally different time. Those people didn't know any better, and also didn't truly understand what they were saying, and we are not too sure what we truly going on then.
For the most part, look at all the bad things. So much goes on in this world, so much pain and suffering, however people give praise to a God who does all the good. Yes, we have good days but why is it we have to deal with any bad times? We've been punished by two people thousand years ago, yet god loves us. When religious people can read this, and not question what they believe in, I'm at a loss of words, my mind feels like it will explode.
Even with all this, she believes that god has mercy and forgives people? No, she needs to think about the fact that God wouldn't want their family to do this to each other. Well, to be honest as the bible goes, you're suppose to stone children for blasphemy. So this is their way of doing it, without it being against the law.
Most in importantly, So many facts, so much evidences can truly show that there is no God. If there is, God does NOT give a fuck about us. He is just watching painful things happen, to see reactions and out comes. It's not called free will if that's the case, it's called us being lab rats to some being that can't even show face, or give true signs. Instead, people get brain washed, and went up having it sent in their mind that these things they believe are a sign from god, are anything but that.
Society has allowed and forced us to accept freedom for religion, but when did it become okay to use your own religious views to judge, vote or accept another human. Basically religion can, at it's fundmental points, has people not even speak to others who believe opposite to theirs, or even different God. This elist crap, causes war, which many have died since religion became a big thing. Not to mention how every religion is all the same, just different stories when you break it down. To be honest, it's driving me mad.

And this is why it must be stopped, for the future, for my children, yours, and evveryones. We cannot allow something like this to truly keep being such a storng impact on us day to day. We will eventually end up all dead because someone doesn't like the idea that another either doesn't believe in God, or believes in a totally different one.
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Guru goddess of Ganja
01 July 2010 @ 07:38 pm
Stranger: hi
You: omfg
You: Are you another 18yr old horny male?
Stranger: im older than 18 but not horny
You: No? Wow
You: I figured most males were horny
Stranger: nope
You: What brings you here?
Stranger: boredom
You: Can you pretend to be a horny 18yr old male?

LOLz for allCollapse )
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Guru goddess of Ganja
31 March 2010 @ 03:20 pm
formerly known as g00ddaysunshine
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Guru goddess of Ganja
25 February 2010 @ 10:21 pm
If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?


Do you even have to ask why? NO! Besides the kick ass name, and the eating people. He looks bad ass. NOONE would fuck with me.
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